The Selfie Booth

Kick your photo booth experience up a notch with some movement! This beautiful, retro-styled, hand-crafted machine is conveniently small and loaded with goodies...Animated + Boomerang GIF's, Digital Props, Photo Filters and a glamorous ring light to keep you looking oh so beautiful.

Just step up, tap the screen, get your groove on and the photos/GIF's are sent straight to your guests' mobile devices or e-mail.  The Selfie Booth takes the photo booth experience to a whole new level and is guaranteed to entertain!

We offer the Selfie Booths as drop-off rentals, permanent installations, or full service event activations.


Boomerang GIF

Boomerang GIFs take a quick burst of photos which get churned out into a 2-3 second GIF that plays forwards, then backwards. If you've played with popular smartphone apps like ‘Phhhoto’ & 'Boomerang’ then you know what a Boomerang GIF is!

These things are hilarious to watch (and make!).


Animated GIF

These are 4 pictures taken 5 seconds apart and stitches them together into a loop. This can be played back fast (like the example next to this) or slow like your classic GIFs you have seen. This option is fun when you are scheming of something awesome and need more time in between pictures.